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Common Methods of Tree Removal Around Your Home

In our discussions earlier, we looked at some of the methods that can be used in the removal of tree stumps. In that discussion, I pointed out that the chemical method and the mechanical method had their own advantages and otherwise. I would like to pick off from where that discussion stopped by taking you through some of the other methods that you may determine to use.

Manual RemovalĀ 

The manual removal of the tree stump is basically digging out the stump from its hole. Generally, this method is used for small tree stumps and is carried out by a professional tree arborist or tree transplanter. However, in some cases you will find that even large tree stumps can be removed, mostly using earth movers. In the manual removal of tree stumps, there are some things that you will need to put into account. First of all, do not try to remove the whole tree including the roots system. This is time consuming and very difficult exercise. In fact, it is quite unnecessary and will add no value at all. Instead, you should start by digging around the stump cutting it off from the root system in the process. Simply work your way around the tree stump until it is lose and free for it to be pulled out.

Removal By Fire

Fire burns through most of the organic material found on earth. Burning the tree stump to the ground is one of the most effective ways to remove a tree stump. Typically, you should drill some holes into them and then fill the holes with some kerosene or fuel. Once you fill that hole with kerosene, wait for it o to be soaked up by the tree and then drop a match into the holes. However, you should never use gasoline in burning the stump down. The result of this exercise is a charred hole that will smoulder away for weeks. Whatever is left behind after the exercise has been completed can always be removed by any of the other means. Often, the charred remains are weak and can be chemically decomposed or manually removed.

Natural Removal

This is one of the most common ways through which you can deal with the stump. In natural removal of the tree stump, you can choose to do nothing. What happens is you chop down the tree and then let the stump sit and decompose at its own pace until the whole thing has cleared out. This is often used in cases where the diameter of the tree is not too large. It can also be used in cases where the individual determines that the cost of using any of the other methods is too high. You can always cover the stump with mulch or fertilizer to help hasten the process. This will create fungus and bacteria on the stump, which will speed up the process of tree stump removal. Once the stump is rotten enough, you can simply remove it from the ground manually and clear the ground on which it stood.