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Gold Coast Lawyers - Questions to Ask a Lawyer Before Hiring One

When it comes to legal matters, the first and most important decision you would make is to hire a lawyer. Getting referrals from associates can work well, however you have got to do your research as well. What may work for one business owner might not work for you. It actually depends upon why you need to hire a lawyer? Whether it is for a family will, a business start up or to make a legal claim, you need to hire a Gold Coast lawyer who specializes in a specific genre.

In order to make sure that you are the right person for the job always ask them the following questions

How many years of experience do they have as a lawyer?

The more experienced in a lawyer in specific field, the better they can handle a case. However with experience, comes the drawback of having higher fees. So if your case is pretty simple than it would be okay to work with a lawyer who may not be too experienced. In case of criminal charge of business fraud you would do better with an experienced person.

Ask them about any conflict of interest?

Conflict of interest can arise when a lawyer you want to hire is already working for a co-defendant in your case. It may even arise when you are suing a company for malpractice and that lawyer has represented that company at some point. According to Stonegroup family lawyers - in the case of family law, it would be a conflict of interest to represent different members of a family.

What could be the potential outcome of my case?

Experienced lawyers usually have a fairly good idea of how things might progress once they have studied a case. Though they aren’t necessarily fortune tellers but a frank appraisal with a client is often the best start of a good lawyer client relationship?

How much fees would they charge?

Again this would have a big impact on the fact whether you would hire them as your lawyer or not. If your budget is limited you might not want to work with a lawyer belonging to a big firm. Get to know whether they charge an hourly rate or a fixed amount for a particular case. In case of the fact that your legal action requires you suing a certain company for monetary damage, your lawyer would charge you contingency fees as well.

Are there any alternatives besides going for trail?

In most civic cases both the plaintiff and the defendant often benefit from a settlement. For family matters your lawyer could refer you to arbitration. An arbitration compromises of a third party which tries to resolve a dispute without having to go to court.

How they plan to manage the case?

This means whether you are going to have regular correspondence with your lawyer or not. Whether you need to submit any particular documents to them etc? Often your lawyer would advise you to remain mum while talking to anybody else. In such cases it is better to follow their advice. Similarly make sure you are available on the dates they might require you to show up at court. Bigger law firms might assign your case to paralegals as well. Get to know who is working on your case so you could stay in touch.

Get more information on Gold Coast lawyers here and ask them about a free legal consultation.