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Marketing Your Interior Design Business

Setting goals and having a clear vision for your interior design business is important. To see your business grow, you need to market it. When you follow these 8 guidelines will see your business expand. 1. Have a professionally done website Potential clients like to peruse your work before hiring your services. The client wants to have a feel of what you offer before employing your services. A client friendly website will allow existing and potential clients to leave comments, make suggestions and even rate your interior design. It will be an added advantage for you to highlight reviews from shoppers that reflect positively on your business. Upload videos that showcase the best of your work. Clients want to be reassured that they are getting the very best; using the phrase ‘the only interior design service... .’ will help achieve this.  2. Word-of-Mouth A referral from a satisfied customer is the greatest compliment that can be accorded to your business. Exceptional customer service will guarantee return customers as well as an increase in referrals. 3.  Social Media. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are powerful tools for marketing your business.Uploading pictures on Pinterest will allow potential clients to have visual projection on what you offer as a business.Inorder to build an even bigger client list as well as create new relationships with people  in the same business, utilize Facebook and Twitter.  

Interior Design Melbourne

Melbourne Interior Decorating Bloggers You want your clients and potential clients to know more about your taste, the level and kind of service you offer and the uniqueness of your style. To do this, post on your blog site as frequently as possible. Post fresh content to keep your readers interested and updated on your future projects. You can have your work featured in other interior design Melbourne magazines and blog spots. Target blog spots that are owned by top interior designers, the large number of visitors in their sites may well translate into customers. A.  Email Marketing. Hire an experienced email marketer to market you business. Doing this will drive large traffic to both your website and blog.When sending the mail ensures that the subject carries a captivating line. B.  Advertising on media. Putting advertisements on your interior design business in print audio and visual media can provide a great opportunity to not only get your name out into the public field but also allow you to show your unique interior design abilities. C.   Have different pricing structures 1. Choose a business model and pricing structures that will best work for you depending upon your client base and your own income requirements. One way of using varying pricing is offering discounts to the first 50 customers or to new customers. 2.  Create your professional profile on Linked In. A well detailed profile will enable you to be reached by more clients as well as allow you to have an insight of the professional background of other professionals in your field.