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The Benefits of Pre Employment Medicals

It is important for any organization to go through the process of medical pre-screening employees before hiring them. However it is also one of the most overlooked things. The result is companies having to pay large sums of money as compensation. Though it is important to keep the well fare of employees in mind, if a particular job requires an employee to possess god health, it becomes mandatory to prescreen them for any medical issues.

Take for example the incidence of a warehouse which required the employee to stack products. They hired this person because he looked fit enough to lift the heavy loads. One month into service and the company was slapped with a claim from the worker citing compensation for back injury incurred during the job. On further investigation it was found this person already suffered back problems. Since the company hadn’t run a pre employment medical check they had to compensate.

During a pre employment medical exam a physician can do the following

  • Work closely with the employers and create a jo description so people are aware what they would have to do while on the job.
  • Run certain medical exams to check whether the potential employee is fit and healthy enough to carry out the required work
  • Single out individuals who would be the best fit for the job
  • Carry various tests to support their findings and also take a complete medical history of the employee by checking their previous medical records

Some of the benefits of pre employment medical tests include

  • Help companies determine the best possible candidates for the job. This in turn proves to be a long term benefit for companies because healthy workers mean increase productivity.
  • Easily screen out people who aren’t fit for the job. Rooting out such individuals would help companies save a great deal in terms of money as well as time.

Things to keep in mind about pre employment medical testing

Companies can profit a great deal from these screenings but there are a few things which should be kept in mind. These include

  • The validity of the tests. The first and foremost thing to know is whether the pre medical tests carried out are valid and can truly find the health status of the employee.
  • The reliability of the tests. Whether the findings from the test are reliable.
  • It is therefore equally important to choose tests which are both valid as well as reliable. Make sure the company you hire to run the pre medical screening uses tests which incorporate both validity and reliability.

Full independent medical examination tests are a great way of finding efficient individuals and keeping the morale of the team high. Though occasionally a pre medical screening might be challenged but the incidence of such a thing happening can be easily reduced by checking for validity and reliability.

Are you looking for someone to run a pre employment medical examination on potential candidates for jobs within your company? Look no further.