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What to Watch Out for When Facing a Plumbing Emergency

Every home has a plumbing system going around in the name of sewerage and water systems. It is for this reason that homeowners need to establish a suitable connection with a local plumbing service provider well before an emergency. Furthermore, it is recommended that you check out for the shut off valve of your main water supply, which is usually located near the meter. Turning off this valve during an emergency can save a lot of damage that water from an overflow or leak would have caused.

Emergencies demand immediate action and it is this immediate need for action that exposes unprepared home owners to scams. For this reason, here are some few red flags to take note of when faced by a plumbing crisis.

If a bid is too good to be true, it probably is – you might be faced with unusually low bids and sometimes the contractor provides the incomplete valuation of the contract. Chances of these individuals asking for more money to finish the job are very significant.

No contract – ensure the Gold Coast plumbing contractor provides you with a written contract with clear details of all the estimates. Ensure you sign a contract that clearly stipulates all the pertinent details inclusive of the sums to be paid and the time. Be warned that some states have placed restrictions on the upfront amount that a plumber can be paid. Without a detailed written contract, a contractor may end up inflating the original price.

Look out for the quality of materials – make sure that what you get is what you paid for. For instance, high quality copper tubing and cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) piping are expensive because of their quality. Some contractors might promise to use high quality materials which they subsequently charge for. However, they actually use materials of a lower quality in their assignments. To kill your doubts, ask the contractor for a parts list and check for the prices of similar materials and or items online or at a local store. Make sure you also compare the type of materials as well as brand provided on the invoice with that which is actually used by the contractor.

Planting of evidence – there are numerous cases where you find workers working in pairs. This is a very good idea as it increases the man power available for a task. However, some of these individuals come in pairs with a purpose. As one is busy doing the talking, the other is busy creating “evidence” of a faulty sewer pipe. On the same note, there are cases where customers are shown videos of “proof” of a problem yet the images provided are very different. This can be avoided by asking the contractor to take videos including an identifiable item close to your sewer cleanout. Make sure plumbing contractors you hire have proven records of client satisfaction.

Always ensure to hire a plumbing contractor with a license, is insured, bonded and with positive consumer reviews from a trusted website.